Our Do What Fits Program is a proven, results-driven programmed approach that helps you sustain exercise consistency. By combining the science of fitness with human nature, we teach you how to enhance the mind-body-soul connection in exercise activities so you can exercise in a pain- free way. With a focus on muscular and cardio development and nutrition, you train how to do what fits in with your objectives. You’ll see first-hand how it helped the toughest cases and why it is GUARANTEED. In short, you can’t fail.

If you’ve tried in the past without success, don’t give up.
When you Do What Fits you see results!


It started as a nightmare.

The Club is the brainchild of founder and owner, Ed Radlow, a former business professional, athlete and black belt. After being run over by an errant driver while crossing the street, Ed received eleven (11) corrective surgeries all over his body. After four (4) years of surgical interventions, physical therapy and a host of holistic treatment, he found himself sixty (60) pounds overweight, on all kinds of medications and in the worst shape of his life. His doctor told him he would not be returning to his previous active life. After much prayer and contemplation, he attempted to regain his health and vitality. He soon realized the failing of so-called health clubs as he hit the gym. So, he began to study the body, nutrition and the science of fitness and saw his condition improve. He then started helping others and his wife, Melissa helped codify his experience into what is today called the Do What Fits Optimal Fitness Model. In June 2016, he tested and graduated from the Municipal Police Academy, where he graduated with honors in December 2016 and became sworn Pennsylvania police officer. Shortly after that, he became a certified personal trainer and began training others with remarkable success and started looking for a place to launch the Do What Fits Model…

You get fit pain-free. We show you how.
And an unparalleled experience unfolds.

We understand how hard it is to miss out on life experience due to chronic pain or other medical limitations. WE REALLY DO! You deserve to enjoy your daily activities and to do so in a pain-free. We offer a simple pathway that works regardless of a person’s age or level of fitness.


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Our founder, Ed, never envisioned being a personal trainer. While no stranger to athletics, he spent twenty-four 24 years in various sales and management positions prior to his accident. He has an MBA in Finance from Drexel University and is certified in IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and trained in Six Sigma. Having served as a trusted advisor to various management teams, he earned significant recognition, mostly in technology outsourcing,at three (3) Fortune 500 companies. Just prior to his accident in 2008, Ed had transitioned to a role as an Assistant Vice President at a major insurance broker, where he served in a fiduciary role to a variety of client executives.



Like many women, Melissa has struggled with eating and weight related issues over the years. This took a number of unexpected turns as she witnessed her husband’s ordeal, from start to finish. To help encourage his recovery efforts, she worked out many times by his side as she helped him research and formulate the dietary intake plan he needed to ultimately defy the medical outlook ahead of him at the time. Melissa will use her education and personal nutrition experience to ensure the Club is integrated with positive messaging that helps women and all people overcome issues that can inhibit their fitness-related success.



We exist to improve people’s lives through fitness. We do that by educating each person to put the science of fitness behind their efforts as they bridge the respective interest of the body, mind and soul. We combine the right people, process and technology with the highest integrity to deliver an unparalleled Client experience.


We are pioneering a proven fitness model, based on science, that can help people regardless of their current fitness, overcome present limitations, restore capacity and guide a person to unexpected pathways of wellness.


We don’t “push” people, products or services. Everyone has their objectives reviewed and if we feel we can’t help achieve them, we won’t engage. Upon review, every client is given their own custom program that is tailored to them in each scheduled session. No client is given “extra reps” or told to do ANYTHING. Each client trains at their own pace.


  • Train in a place that is your sanctuary away from things.
  • Wear our Club Tech to ensure the science of fitness in your efforts.
  • Use innovative fitness equipment with specific design intent.
  • Enjoy recovery modalities that keep you moving in a spa-like setting. 

Main Line Total Fitness is a state-of-the-art full fitness center specifically designed to help with YOUR objectives. It offers skilled trainers, one of whom works with you to customize a program around your body’s physical assets and deficits. Each piece of equipment is carefully selected with a specific design intent. In most gyms, you see people going from machine to machine with no specific intent other than that person’s hope she/he will look better at some point. At Main Line Total Fitness using the machine with a specific design intent means understanding the difference that each machine offers and getting instructions on how to use it to reach your objective faster vs another piece of equipment that may not be the best for doing so.





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