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The Club is the brainchild of founder and owner, Ed Radlow, a former business professional, athlete and black belt. After being run over by an errant driver while crossing the street, Ed received eleven (11) corrective surgeries all over his body. After four (4) years of surgical interventions, physical therapy and a host of holistic treatment, he found himself sixty (60) pounds overweight, on all kinds of medications and in the worst shape of his life. His doctor told him he would not be returning to his previous active life. After much prayer and contemplation, he attempted to regain his health and vitality. He soon realized the failing of so-called health clubs as he hit the gym. So, he began to study the body, nutrition and the science of fitness and saw his condition improve. He then started helping others and his wife, Melissa helped codify his experience into what is today called the Do What Fits Optimal Fitness Model. In June 2016, he tested and graduated from the Municipal Police Academy, where he graduated with honors in December 2016 and became sworn Pennsylvania police officer. Shortly after that, he became a certified personal trainer and began training others with remarkable success and started looking for a place to launch the Do What Fits Model.

Main Line Total Fitness began withan idea. To be a place where ANYONE can go to realize a state of fitness, mental and spiritual balance, irrespective of one’s current state of fitness, past injuries or hectic schedule.Today, “The Club” (as it’s called by Clients) is a training environment that encourages transformation in a person’s life through fitness. We know it’s hard to steal time away from a packed schedule to train the body for fitness (We don’t call them “workouts”). You won’t waste 1 second waiting for a machine or for someone to instruct you on its proper use. You are always guided (at our fitness center or yours, at home or work or during trave), by a skilled fitness professional who is highly focused on one thing; YOU.

Simply put, Main Line Total Fitness is a safe, private and comfortable getaway where you, your team and/or family can rest your mind and get fit while having an enjoyable, pain-free experience with successful outcomes…and that’s financially GUARANTEED.

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