I first started personal training through mainline total fitness when, as a gym member at Snap, I noticed the quality of instruction that Ed, the owner, was providing to his personal training clients. In my first few months of training with him, I achieved substantial results with his guidance.
The onset of Covid and medical challenges interrupted our work together for a while. Since we resumed, progress towards my fitness goals has been excellent. I give myself credit for hard work, but at least as much is due to Ed and his staff.. His approach based on regular data measurements is ideal for me. It motivates me through my zone keeping me aware of efforts for every session.
His genuine care and attention during one to one sessions, his clear outlining of numerical goals and advice on how to reach them has been outstanding and effective.
How the facility has been managed with close attention to safety is also very reassuring.
The equipment that is there for the HIIT circuit and the abdominal circuit I have seen at no other gym. The number of clients in the gym at any one time is limited by design.
The atmosphere of caring and respect carries through to the other members. They are a delightful and positive crew. Ed specifically articulates this. The signs posted help remind us that this is what is expected. I mention this because I’ve been to Gyms where crude language is everywhere, and it’s a big downer for me.The genuine care and respect that he, Trevon and other staff show every day makes this a very welcoming place where I and other can do our best for ourselves.