I never imagined I would go to a gym every week. Now I’m there training three times a week for almost two years. My goal was to row again on the schuylkill as I did in college. I have reached and surpassed that goal. I am strong and flexible with stamina that I haven’t enjoyed for forty years. It’s awesome, at 66 I feel ready for the next half of my life. Ed Radlow, the owner is the best trainer, an old and spiritual soul who knows what I need to reach my goals. There are right and wrong ways to train, to stretch and to lift. Ed knows and shares the correct forms. His assistant trainers also have this knowledge and spirit. We have a small and great community at the gym. I actually look forward to going to the gym, I would have never guessed it possible. Tom Richter
Ps, filtering the air, wiping down equipment limiting member numbers and spacing has made me feel covid safe through this pandemic.