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Motivation to live a healthy lifestyle can be challenging. You may dread the thought of getting up to go to the gym and fitness center or cannot find time throughout the day. Maybe you have been in an accident or received bad news from your doctor. Look no further! Main Line Total Fitness in Harverford, PA, can help you start and stay active. After a car hit the owner, he was on the long road to recovery. He became a personal trainer and started this USA gym and fitness center.

Exercising Equipment

Exercise equipment types and placement in gyms and fitness centers are crucial to working out. People don’t want to run around deciding what they will use. Most enjoy the flexibility of going from one machine to another to complete their reps. The good folks at Main Line Total Fitness understand time constraints as well as the need for everything to be in one place. Each piece of equipment in their facility has a specific goal in mind. These include treadmills, free weights, and leg presses.

Innovating Programs

USA gym and fitness centers usually have some types of programs you can participate in. These typically include nutritional programs, gym clubs, or a total package support system. Main Line Total Fitness offers a program called “Do What Fits.” After his accident, Ed Radlow, the owner, began diving into physical fitness and nutrition science. “Do What Fits” took standard programs and turned them into an extraordinary experience. You will receive a consultation where you describe your plan and medical limitations. The gym and fitness center will create a plan that allows you to obtain your goal.

Personal Trainers

USA gym and fitness centers have trained personnel to give you one-on-one mentoring on your health goals. These trainers may either work with individuals or have group classes. Main Line Total Fitness has three trainers to help you achieve your next step to a healthy lifestyle. If the “Do What Fits” program does not interest you, you have other options. The gym and fitness center is an ideal place for you to get back into shape after an accident or other personal problems.

Come on down to Main Line Total Fitness at 510 W. Lancaster Ave, Harverford, PA, or call 610-642-6200. You can visit our website for more detailed information on our products and services. Main Line Total Fitness currently has promotional discounts, including introductory weekly and monthly rates. Join our family today to begin your healthy journey.