DWF is a step by step program with specially trained professional support that guides the client to fitness, and, quite possibly, opens up a wellness pathway that wouldn’t have been possible to that person otherwise.  

More specifically, DWF is a results-driven approach that combines the science of fitness with human nature by encouraging a mind-body-soul connection in exercise activities.  

In so doing, clients can sustain physical activity with both weights and cardio to achieve fitness objectives that were otherwise elusive to them.  

Many have gone on to achieve wellness pathways not previously thought possible.  

The Do What Fits System is an integrative fitness model that helps a person achieve optimal fitness with their environment by incorporating this science of fitness into one’s fitness activities.   It’s integrative because it combines, strength training with cardio and a nutritional component in a step-by-step program that is guided by a specially trained professional.   


We believe if you don’t make time for your wellness, you’ll be forced to make time for you illness.  The choice is ours.  We use the vitruvian graphic as a symbolic reminder for a body & mind proportionately balanced by our fitness choices.

Our Do What Fits System helps you reach your fullest potential by helping you reach optimal fitness.  

What is optimal fitness?  

Optimal fitness is when an individual has the relative muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance to successfully with others in their daily life. That can be a police officer interacting with people on the job, a parent getting their kids to all their activities or a grandparent just wanting to race around with the grands.  For each, optimal fitness is different so tgeir needs our different.  That’s where Do Ehat Fits comes in.


We believe it is one’s achievement of optimal fitness that continues to open up many wellness pathways among a diverse set of clients.

Achieving optimal fitness with Do What Fits System does not rely on special foods, diets or being perfect.  Success is expressed in how well a clients achieve “balance” or proportion among the 3 components of fitness.  These include strength trainingfocused cardio and a nutritional component.  All Do What Fits Trainers guide the client through each session, that is tailored to that client’s fitness goals and objectives.  Clients report feeling better in the first week or two, seeing their clothes fit differently within the first 30 days, moving better in the first 60 days and looking better thereafter.  Our program to date has a 100% Success Rate, with some truly remarkable wellness outcomes due to the screening process used.  All clients experience some modification to their lifestyle, some may be minor while others may be more involved.  Anyone is eligible for the program but clients are screened based on their desire to persist with this change using the Transtheoretical Model (TTM) and accepted or rejected accordingly.

To get fit = more than before 

We understand how hard it is to miss out on life experience due medical limitations and pain.  You deserve to enjoy your daily activities and to do them pain-free. We offer a simple pathway to doing so that works regardless of a person’s age or level of fitness. Sign up now for your own 360 A&A or 360 A.M. (Activity Management) Plan where you’ll have a:

  • 75-minute discussion with a Do What Fits Practitioner
  • Review of your goals, General health and key fitness metrics
  • Experience a variety of movements and identify limitations and pain in movement
  • Identify a plan to change your fitness trajectory.